Januar 02, 2011

who is jakob maltese ?

Dear Reader,

this is a blog about the sociopath Jakob Maltese.
You might have googled "Jakob Maltese" or "Jakob Dalgaard Maltese" and suprisingly this link showed up.

If you were (virtually) contacted by Jakob Maltese and are confused about his behaviour I kindly advise you to read this blog. It might give you some useful insights about him and it might even help to protect you from emotional damage.

I wrote the blog for two reasons:

1. To protect me.
When I broke up with Jakob Maltese he never stopped trying to gain back control over me. He kept stalking, he kept telling lies (about me), he kept disrespecting and he kept using people against me. Apart from his cynical psyche I unfortunately also had to experience in our relationship what else he is able to do and I am saying it here again: He choked me, he threatened me, he was sexual assaulting, he violated me physically. (and i am not talking about passion crime, i am talking about intentional severe violation)
That this perhaps never happen again to anyone else (which I strongly hope) doesn't mean it is not part of his personaltiy anymore. I keep considering him as a dangerous person.

2. To warn others.
Jakob Maltese has conscienceless used many people in his life. There will be good reasons why nobody exposed him so far. Maybe out of shame or another reason could be that people don't want to be remembered on bad times in their life and wish nothing more than to forget and to go on. I couldn't understand it more. Still I felt the blog should be written for those of us who don't want to deal with jerks in their life and because his masked personality requires more than the usual knowledge about human facets. I strongly recommend to read the book "Without conscience" written by Dr. Robert Hare for further information.

If you are not sure if this is the Jakob Maltese you are in contact with please check out the chapter "pseudonyms & aliases" here in the blog.

Please be aware of his reaction in case you're gonna ask him about my blog. I am sure you are here because his kind and charming words blew you away. He appears interesting and you want to know more. Yes, he will charm you with the nicest words you might have ever heard and then he certainly will try to tell you arrogant that the blog is all a lie and that  people like me want him bad. Be smart, don't believe him. Jakob was always good in playing the victim but none of his word is true.
As far as it concerns me, I am truly glad that the chapter is over. My feet are on the ground, my head is in the air and sometimes vice versa. I have many interesting and very dear friends which own and deserve all abundance of my heart.  I am loyal to my happiness & live a great pulsating life.

Good luck,