Januar 01, 2011

october 2010

Unfortunately he "forgot" to give me back a few very personal precious things which belong to me and my heart is set on it. A constellation how it is often to be find when a relationship is over. Since june 2009 I hope for a peaceful solution now since Jakob promised me back then to send things (and money) back and I still think Jakob will contact me and give me a timeline or will come up with a suggestion how to proceed. The things have an high emotional value for me and he knows it and I want them back. They are simply mine.  I ask him several times but I get never a response from him instead he ignores my questions completely. Over a year later I feel therefore impelled to contact him again.
It's easy to find him since he acts in the internet in the usual way. I find his current youtube profile and write on his wall when he might finally consider to fulfill his promises related to the stuff and money he owes me. The first message I receive after oneandhalf years is immensely insulting.

It goes on like this for a while and of course he uses the same methods he always works with. Here is another nice lie he tried again:

 "I had a radio show..and i wrote for a newspaper...that doesnt makes me a music expert !
 Or maybe it does in your world ?????
and for the rest....dont fear, you'll get !"
No, he did not. It was his brother. His brother wrote some articles about music for a danish newspaper. His brother is also the one who is the slam poet artist, not Jakob Maltese. But he tries to tell you that. Forget it, Lies !
And btw, a contradiction in his own message because you do have to be a music expert when you work as music journalist.

As I wrote in a previous chapter, Jakob tries hard to follow his lies and he keeps telling them even you know for sure and you can prove that they are lies. Here is another anecdote:
When we still lived together Jakob came home one day and told me totally upset that a woman came into the street car, approached him and suddenly tried to kiss him. Of course he pushed her away, he said with proud voice. I asked him for details and he described the woman vague as average looking, maybe mid-30s and she seemed keen on to kiss him. I kept asking and he said that in denmark had happend the same thing to him when he lived there. Women on the street just tried to kiss him. The next day I met a friend of mine and while we are talking she told me that she saw Jakob in a streetcar while she was standing outside and waved to him. I hear the bell ring and asked if she went inside the streetcar. "No" she said, "I just waived him. But when he saw me he turned his head away as if he was frightening. Did he tell you that he saw me ?" And I told her what he made out of the little scene. A huge story which shows him in adventurous but good light. Totally exaggerated and wrong. I told him with a smile what I found out and that the little story is amusing enough and not worth a discussion. Instead of admitting it and trying to laugh with me about it he insists on his story and the more I tell him that he lied the more he insists and gets louder and more angry. He goes that far to tell me that I would make a liar out of him if I make him telling a different story now. Because his version would be the right version. It took three days of (3 days !) until he admitted that his story was a lie. And he only admitted it because I just had very clear evidence. Still, it took three days.

A try to "calm me down" and to make me shut my mouth by admitting the truth but empty promise:

"The money is totally 100 % yours.
NO doubt.
It was a nice gesture and a LOAN.
I just got a real job -even it is shitty and low paid but i have every intension to pay you back what i owe you.
Monday i send the things
And then i start paying you back."
A nice large "gesture ". Indeed. I still wait for the money...

He realizes that his lie also don't work on me anymore so he tries the next thing to get me under control:

""This" way wasnt what brought you back the things which you consider to be yours !
What brings the things is that i finally have a job and can ship the things to you.
Will it be ok if i send it on monday ?
Too bad we cant speak, D..
I would have liked to."
The things which I "consider to be mine" are just mine. 
What brings the things is finally his current girlfriend not him (see chapter "november 2010"). She takes care of sending the things. Not him. She is the next one who he involves in his conscienceless games by using and trying the same old crap.

As he realizes that I am not to manipulate by insults, lies and negative pressure he switches suddenly and I get the other face from the sociopath.


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