Januar 02, 2011

outroducing words

What started as virtual love story in december 2007 turned out to be an illusionary and finally ugly dream when the relationship to Jakob became real. To deal with Jakob Maltese means to deal with pathological lies, betrayals, selfcentered powergames, wrong promises, fake love, fraud, abuse, selfhate, illoyalities, control, wrong cyber personalities, promiscuity, aggressiveness and violence which is covered by a mask of superficial charme, overconfidence, flattery, politeness, grandiose ideas and smooth talks. I have experienced the two faces of him and after all I had to realize that Jakob Maltese shows all characteristics of a sociopath. In the beginning it was interesting to observe and experience a character divergence in opposite to what is considered as the central, the neutral norm. But soon the destructive power of the anti-cyclic developed a self dynamic and lost its poetic fascination. It isn't anarchy what drives him. It isn't love either. But it is our normal understanding of love and the inherent will to give and forgive which he uses very effective to his favour. In fact they are  basic needs he has to cover which he is unable to achieve without help and make him the man he is: a man without conscience, a sociopath, a parasite.

My blog ends here. Thank you for reading. 

So laugh about life's little tragedies and take care of you,


Anonym hat gesagt…

I've just read your entire story here. Thank you for documenting it for yourself and the world. I do not know this man, but I knew a man made at the same factory as Jakob.

So many things you wrote (or Jakob wrote to you) are mirrored in things the bad man I knew said to me. And the actions and behaviors are the same, too.

When I was involved with this bad man, a friend was also involved with another bad man. Often my friend and I were shocked to find out that these men were using the same words on each of us, 1000 miles apart, with no contact. It was as if they had an instruction manual.

I am glad you got him away from you. I hope you are doing really really well now. Do you find you can spot liars more easily? I do, ever since I stopped communicating with that bad man I was involved with I feel like I have an extra strong awareness of dishonesty.

All the best to you.

D. hat gesagt…

Thank you for your positive feedback. I am doing very well now and the memories on Jakob are fading. Nevertheless I have archived the experience in a corner of my brain as it helps me to spot liars and abusers more easy now. As you said it seems that they speak the same language and use the same codes, tricks, manoeuvres to exercise their brain & heartwashing. Like a moth to the flame they are finding your weak spot and use it. Knowing it helps protecting. And knowing theirs helps even better... :-). Wishing you all the best and sending you powers.